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5/F, Block C, Sea View Estate, 2-8 Watson Road, Hong Kong

Hip Cellar shares its floor space with AnOther Place. In partnership we create one of the city’s most exciting and wine-friendly dining concept.

AnOther Place offers 4-course, 6-course and 8-course discovery French Asian menus; as well as a sumptuous a la carte menu for those who'd like to come and enjoy their own wines in a cosy, private environment. Our $0 corkage Bring-your-own-Bottle friendly policy has long since attracted the most sophisticated wine palates in town.

Come wine and dine at AnOther Place like as if you are home. Not-to-be-missed are pop-up local artist exhibitions and contemporary music gigs that grace the chillout lounge and hallways. Find out more about the menus of AnOther Place at www.anotherplace.com.hk